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Declaring our Human Rigths

The Community Platform joined with the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Alliance to mark the 70th Anniversary of the signing of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The ‘Declaring our Human Rights’ event involved group and personal reflections of the meaning of the Declaration for people’s lives, song and creative expression. Everyone was reminded of the importance of continuing to demand that everyone’s human rights be respected and realised. The Platform and ESC Rights Initiative issued the this press release on the day. 

Press release – Budget 2019

On the eve of Budget 2019, a network of 28 national organisations in the community and voluntary sector is reminding the Government that the Budget must move Ireland towards achieving its national and international commitments to ending poverty, reducing inequality and creating a more sustainable future for everyone. These commitments are made under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Pillar of Social Rights and a range of national strategies including the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion.


Four Tests for Budget 2019

In advance of Budget 2019 the Community Platform has published Four Tests for Budget 2019. These tests are:

Test 1: Will Budget 2019 redistribute income towards the poorest 20% Test 2: Will Budget 2019 strengthen access to quality employment? Test 3: Will Budget 2019 restore and strengthen public services which are of particular importance to people on low income? Test 4: Will the impact of Budget 2019 be assessed to ensure that all provisions reduce poverty and inequality.

Community Platform Governance Workshop

Community Platform Governance Workshop

9:30am -1:00pm  on Wednesday 25th April 2018

F2 Centre, 3 Reuben Plaza, Rialto, Dublin 8

The aim of the workshop is to build the knowledge of community and voluntary organisations of the main governance requirenments they need to comply with under a range of different legislation.

Download the programme here

To register please send your name, organisation and contact details to