About us

Who we are

Founded in 1996, the Community Platform is an alliance of national networks and organisations in the community and voluntary sector working to address poverty, social exclusion and inequality The Community Platform was set up to be a collective critical voice for equality, rights and anti-poverty interests at a national level.

What we believe

The vision of the Community Platform is an Ireland that is inclusive, sustainable and equal.

The mission of the Community Platform is to work together to develop and promote a shared analysis, policies and action based on our values.

The Values of the Community Platform are: Dignity, Economic Equality, Participation, Social Justice, Solidarity, Sustainability and Transparency.


What we do:

The main activities of the Platform are:

    • Mutual solidarity, sharing information training and discussion.
    • Developing joint policies, positions and publications.
    • Promoting policies through participation in national structures (such as the Community and Voluntary Pillar), liaising with Government Ministers and Departments and through public statements.


The Platform is currently made up of 31 national organisations (below)

Membership is open to national organisations whose main focus is on representing the interests of those living in poverty, social exclusion and inequality. Priority is given to organisations working from the values of principles of  dignity, economic equality, participation, social justice, solidarity and sustainability.

The essential requirement of membership are:

  • The organisation/network is non-statutory and non-party political.
  • The organisation has an active track record of work in the interests of anti-poverty, justice, equality and social inclusion.
  • The organisation is a national network and national organisation which has a primarily national remit. Local or regional organisations and local networks can access the Platform through membership of national networks.
  • Organisations can have a broad range of approaches based on the values outlined above including:
    • Representing the interests of and accountability to those experiencing poverty, social exclusion and inequality and
    • Working in solidarity on behalf of those experiencing poverty, social exclusion and inequality.

How we work

The secretariat of the Community Platform is currently the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland, which is responsible for carrying out its administrative functions.

The members meet every 6-8 weeks to progress joint activities, to update on engagement with Government Departments and other national bodies which takes place through the Community and Voluntary Pillar and to discuss relevant developments.

The Community Platform is one of the 17 members of the Community and Voluntary Pillar, which was one of the pillars of social partnership. As a member of the Pillar Platform currently receives a small grant from the Department of Rural and Community Development. However In practice, the Platform has always relied on the voluntary input of members for its activities.

Current members