Equal Right to Health for All

On Universal Health Coverage Day on the 12th December the Community Platform has published a leaflet and poster which highlight shocking facts which show that the equal right to health is being denied to those experiencing poverty, social exclusion and inequality and to call on the Government to bring about change.

It has also published the final report from the “Health as a Human Right” seminar held jointly by the Community Platform and All Together in Dignity in June 2017 which is available to download here.

The leaflet and poster call on everyone to take action by informing themselves of the reality; demanding that the Government implement the reforms outlines in the Slainecare report; remind the Government of it’s commitments in Health Ireland to addressing health inequalities and promote the Public Sector Duty  which places a legal duty on all public sector bodies have regard to eliminating discrimination, promoting equality and protecting human rights in their daily work.

Download the Leaflet  and the Poster.

These materials are being disseminated as a follow up to Six principles for an inclusive health policy published in December 2016.

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