Four Tests for Budget 2024

In advance of Budget 2024 the Community Platform has published its annual Four Tests for Budget 2024.

Budget 2024 needs to urgently address the cumulative impact of the very high cost of living crisis on people, while also addressing ongoing structural weaknesses that create the conditions that enable inequality and poverty to become ingrained and grow in our society.

The Four Tests are:

Test 1: Will Budget 2024 redistribute income towards the poorest 20%
Test 2: Will Budget 2024 strengthen access to quality employment?
Test 3: Will Budget 2024 restore and strengthen public services which are of particular importance to people on low income?
Test 4: Will the impact of Budget 2024 be assessed to ensure that all provisions reduce poverty and inequality?

A range of policy proposals for Budget 2024 from the Community Platform members are outlined under each of the Tests.

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