Six Principles for an Inclusive Health Policy

The Community Platform emphasises six essential principles for a fairer and more inclusive health policy.

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Four Tests for Budget 2018

This year again, members of the Community Platform assess whether and to what extent the Budget 2018 passes the following tests: Test 1: Will Budget 2018 redistribute income towards the poorest 20% Test 2: Will Budget 2018 strengthen access to quality employment? Test 3: Will Budget 2018 restore and strengthen public services which are of … Continue reading Four Tests for Budget 2018

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The Future Perspective of the Community Platform (2015)

This paper sets out some key elements of the situation in Ireland after six years of austerity policies and proposes policy directions for a future Ireland that would better reflect the values of the Community Platform. It builds on a body of policy work done in previous years by the Community Platform and is based on discussion and exchange with our member organisations.

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Now you see us – the Human Face of Austerity in Ireland (2015)

This report shows the human stories of some people who have been hardest hit by austerity policies and the devastation suffered by people on low income and social welfare throughout the recession.

It features a series of interviews with families, individuals and community workers and who talk about how the recession and resulting government policies have affected their lives.

The report documents parents going hungry to feed their children, people unable to heat their homes and a young generation at serious risk of being lost to unemployment, drugs and crime.

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