Paying our Way: Tax reform (2010)

As part of our ongoing commitment to inform progressive public and policy debate, in 2010 the Community Platform commissioned TASC to analyse Ireland’s tax system. We asked TASC to compare our tax system to our EU counterparts and to provide an outline of what a progressive tax system could look like. The resulting research, produced by Michael Taft, represents a significant challenge to the prevailing policy consensus on this issue. It challenges many of the myths underlying support for Ireland’s current low tax model. It provides much needed comparative and empirical evidence in support of arguments for progressive reform.

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A better Ireland is Possible (2009)

It’s aim is to be a resource for Community Platform (CP) members to reflect on and engage critically with the present Irish policy and political environment. The paper is simply a resource to stimulate discussion. It has not been adopted by the Community Platform and is not a Community Platform position paper.

The paper has two core aims: critical engagement with the present Irish models of development; and constructive visioning about alternative models of development.

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Four Tests for Budget 2017

The members Community Platform will judge Budget 2017 particularly in terms of the following four tests:

  • Test 1: Will Budget 2017 redistribute income towards the poorest 20%
  • Test 2: Will Budget 2017 strengthen access to quality employment?
  • Test 3: Will Budget 2017 restore and strengthen public services which are of particular importance to people on low income?
  • Test 4: Will the impact of Budget 2017 be assessed to ensure that all provisions reduce poverty and inequality?
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