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Valuing Social Dialogue

The Community Platform has published Valuing Social Dialogue which outlines the Values, Principles and Practice which should inform genuine and inclusive social dialogue.  This is crucial if we are to move forward in a balanced way that strengthens our economy, our environment, our society and our communities to the benefit of. everyone and leaves no-one behind.

Values Manifesto for Elections 2020

In the run-up to Elections 2020 the Community Platform has developed a values based manifesto and materials to promote it. The values of Community, Participation and Decency must be to the fore in Election 2020. Electing people who will deliver on these values on the 8th February will help achieve the type of inclusive society we all want to live in . You can download the Election 2020 Manifesto and a Public Leaflet with questions you can ask candidates who knock on your door. You can also the view the MyValuesMyVote video and follow the Community Platform on twitter @CommunityP_IRL .